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This is the first part of our Architectural Alteration series. We dive into the location and jam like musicians would do with music. However we are jamming with our imagination of how spaces could look like and make it reality.

This time we had the pleasure to create a colourful delight for the Psyraldynamik Party Series in Bremen. Boom Shankar and Antispin were making the crowd move.


It was our aim to create a chillout experience that could shift the atmosphere and setting of the room to something extraordinary. We always encourage promoters of dance-heavy parties to provide spaces for their visitors to chill out and meet new friends. In our society experiences of immediacy and direct human contact can become rare and superficial thanks to the omnipresence of social media and the internet. We are creating spaces where people can communicate and de-accelerate, focusing on the experience of the here and now.

The structures and lighting were instantly inviting.

The structures and lighting were instantly inviting.


When we encountered the club room of the Energieleitzentrale we were not pleasantly surprised. The walls were painted red and the bright overhead light created a sterile and cold setting. Two big ugly pillars in the middle of the room were craving for a facelift.

We were responsible for the whole lighting setup so we started distributing our light equipment in the room to create a cozy atmosphere. To alter the architecture we incorporated the pillars we focused on changing the shape of the pillars. With use of scrap material we created two big structures around the pillars. The bulb-like central piece could be filled with smoke by a DJ-controlled fog machine directly from the top of the stage.

The crew from Jamas – Decorations was also kind to borrow us some of their great decoration to make the space even more colourful.


People were literally lured into the colourful and cozy basement we decorated. With nice chats going on everywhere you could feel a mysterious and secure vibe in the air and the installations were well received by both the promoters and the guests.


To sum it up: Chill the fuck out ;) ! Some people prefer to dance all night long and take it as active meditation. Other people prefer to go to bars to socialise and meet new people. We created the opportunity to do both. Through our work we try to make people more aware of their surroundings. This time we were able to make people aware of others through co-creating a space of immediacy devoid of distractions and full of music and colors.

People were staying in unexpected numbers in the chillout area. Sometimes it was hard to walk through the space. In future we plan to subdivide the space a little more to have better control over where people can sit and where they can pass through. We are also planning to create small isles for ashtrays to keep the space more clean.