Charged Mind is a collective of designers and artists from the field of Digital Media. Our goal is to improve the experience of music festival visitors by making the events cleaner, friendlier and more creative.

We can support festival organisers by providing art installations, music and creative concepts that tackle a variety of challenges, especially garbage pollution and decoration of chillout areas.



We put focus on visitor participation. Through interaction and doing, as opposed to passive consuming, festival visitors can gain a greater sense of community, have more fun and become more aware about issues that occur at festivals.


Because festivals are quite temporary, we try to reduce the ecological footprint of our work wherever we can. We recycle building material, keep transportation ways short or produce directly on-location.


We invite everyone to help us in the development, creation and deployment of our festival design projects and concepts. In this way we hope to connect with creative people from all parts of the festival world and our doors are always open for collaboration.


By immersing people in our experiences, our goal is to inspire festivals visitors to improve their well-being at and after the festival. We believe in the transformative power of festivals and their positive impact on the everyday life outside of these extraordinary events.