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Architectural Alteration, Part II: Holy Polygon

Architectural Alteration, Part II: Holy Polygon

Posted by on Sep 22, 2014 in Installations

Another round of the Psyraldynamic Masquerade at the Energieleitzentrale in Bremen was again packed with a lot of different famous acts and artists like Atma and Spirit Architect. And again we had the chance to take care of the ambience in the chill floor. This was an opportunity for us to advance our architectural alteration series and change the black concrete walls of the location again into something more mystical. This time we had the advantage that we already knew the venue so we have been able to gather detailed ideas in advance. A focus point of all our installations is the lighting. Lighting itself is a difficult thing to handle. You might face the problem that the LED light itself is to bright for certain spots especially when you want to light the front at the dj desk where people are used to be directed to. In this case we encourage to hide direct LED light and rather use a passive reflection of the emitting light. So in the case of the Psyraldynamic Masquerade we had to come up with an idea that on the one hand alters the DJ desk and the ugly pillars in the middle of the room and on the other hand reduces the emitted light of the LEDs.

We came up with the idea to put  LED light strips into modular boxes and mount them beside the Dj booth and around the pillars in the room. To make the boxes look mystical we cut off the top of the boxes and glued polygons on it letting only a few slits to let light trough. People are tending to search refuge from the loud and fast music and the trouble on the main floor to get a little break and regain strength within the chill out area. Where the main floor could be a little darker and might also be equipped with black light, the chill out area should be a place where people can socialise, see each other in a good light setting, talk to each other with music that does allow it and in the best case be creative together in a way that they scribble notes, braid each other’s hair, paint their bodies, give a massage and whatever comes into minds.

Our decoration at the second Psyraldynamik in the Energieleitzentrale has been quite improvised in the realization and we constructed the boxes directly at the venue itself which took longer than we initially expected.

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Green Events Conference 2

Green Events Conference 2

Posted by on Dec 11, 2013 in General

The second day of the Green Events Conference was filled with many more interesting topics.  We heard about how to avoid disposable plastics, the creative work done with upcycling methods and tackling the biggest environmental challenge at festivals: waste left behind in the camping areas. If you have missed the first past of our conference recap, be sure to read it on our blog, as well.

Can we avoid plastics?

Claire O’Neil from the A Greener Festival Initiative kicked off the day by introducing us to the enormous impact of plastic pollution on our planet by showing us the shockingly sad short film below.

We believe that festivals are a great place to rediscover a life without disposable plastics. Fact is, that majority of plastics  at festivals and otherwise get used only once. Often only a few minutes later they land in the trash or on the camping site. Think of all the plastic cups, bottles, cutlery and the one-way-everything you take to festivals or use in your everyday life. How can they be avoided?

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Green Events Conference 1

Green Events Conference 1

Posted by on Dec 8, 2013 in Green Design

Can festivals be green? What about major sports events and music productions? And do you need a bigger budget to be more sustainable?

A week ago we visited the Green Events Conference in Bonn to find out how festival promoters and event organisers are dealing with the challenge of sustainability. Read about the first day of the conference with topics such as some methodology to help reveal potentials for sustainable practices in business, greener arenas, degrowth and participation and last but not least an alternative sanitation solution to chemical toilets.

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Burning Man: Hectic Party Crew Interview

Posted by on Nov 20, 2013 in Videos

During our trip to the Burning Man Festival the guys from the Hectic Party Crew were so kind to host us just before we went into the relentless Nevada Desert. After spending 8 days together with new friends we interviewed Jude and Zach to get an insight of their thoughts about Burning Man.

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Burning Man: Videos

Posted by on Sep 21, 2013 in General

Since we could not bring any proper video-equipment to the Burning Man Festival we are happy that other burners did. It is really hard to put this experience into words, pictures or videos. This is a collection of moving images that give us goosebumps:

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The Trash Problem

Posted by on Aug 14, 2013 in Green Design, Videos

The amount of waste on festivals is increasing, so are the ticket prices. People leave their goods behind in favour of a comfortable way home. But for what price? Most visitors just pay the price for the trash deposit and feel liberate about their responsibility towards our environment.

We interviewed Gunter Koop. Infrastructure manager at the Reload Festival to state the problem related to garbage on festivals:

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